[What made us famous: Our Free Pour Lattes.]

Yes, we do Cold Brew, we’ve developed our own Nitro, we hand drip, aero press, and pull shots off custom-tuned supercharged espresso machines each and every day.  We do all these quite well, but when it comes to our lattes which we free pour, we are totally nerds about it.  “FREE POUR," the king of latte, is made from perfectly extracted espresso and ultimate foamed milk.  Meticulously drawn with just a stream of milk pitched directly onto a canvas of espresso, the beauty of a latte art is said to directly equate to its residing flavor.  Free pour is the pinnacle of all barista techniques, and interestingly said “the effect of beauty on taste”.

[What STREAMER pours into every cup.]

"A cup of coffee good to the last drop."  In the old days, coffee masters put their heart in every pour with this notion in mind.  STREAMER COFFEE, a pioneer of craft coffee a.k.a. third wave coffee, in Japan, inherits such disposition of these old school coffee masters.  Combining such 'old' with 'new', our pursuit for the best beans, best roast, best extraction, and the best pour to guarantee delicious brewed coffee, is endless.  Striving to reaching our goals is like a never ending adventure, but we take great pleasure in it.

[Our goal is to connect people around the world, through coffee.]

Since the opening of our first shop in Shibuya in 2010, our goal was not only to serve world-class coffee but to connect with people around the world, cherish the relationships with our customers, and grow together as one.  We have been featured in various media around the globe, and visited from all corners of the planet, and we cannot thank enough for the support of our customers in sharing to spread the word.  More than just a local coffee shop, we hope our coffee would bring you peace of mind and all the same happiness it brings to us.  And we do, we try to put a little love into each and every cup we serve. XOXO