[Re-defining coffee, re-defining the BLEND.]

Although each cup of coffee may look alike, every cup has its own unique "personality."  Similarly, each and every customer has their own unique pallet and hence their preference.  Recent trends in serving up single-origin coffee from around the world have helped cater to such various personal preferences.  At STREAMER we do our share of single-origins, but we are all about the “blend.”  A Cabernet is good, so is a Merlot, but a perfectly blended Cab-Merlot, is impeccable.  Likewise, pure bold Brazilian blended with a lighter Ethiopian can result in, say, an Opus.  Thus our pursuit for always a new and perfect blend is an essential aspect of our daily coffee roasting.  Our staple blends, the STREAMER BLEND and the LATTEART BLEND, are such examples.

[Our thanks to all coffee growers.]

If happiness can be found in a simple cup of coffee we sure need thank the coffee growers responsible at the very start of the supply chain.  Over the years, STREAMER has built strong relationships with such coffee growers and suppliers based on mutual respect, and we make sure our quality coffee is socially, environmentally, and ethically correct.  Furthermore, we do our darn best in making certain every bean we source is brewed up to the best quality coffee it can possibly be.  Combining our profound knowledge of coffee and by using the world's highest grade green beans treated, blended, roasted, and refined under our original next-generation technique, our veteran roast master roasts day in day out using an oldie, a 50 year-old German Probat roasting machine.  Needless to say, we only roast small lots in order to provide beans roasted just right, delivered to all our stores and wholesale shops on a daily basis.  All this for our respect to our growers and for all our customers to enjoy.